Instruction manual

With the push-button it is possible to switch between the different modes of the spin top.

The Surrli must spin in a clockwise manner, otherwise the text will not be readable.

If the spin top is operated in the vicinity of electronic devices, power lines, etc., the display of the text may be incorrect, since the magnetic field generated by these circuits superimposes the earth's magnetic field and thus interferes with the orientation of the Surrli.  




Text Mode

To display the programmed text, switch to the 'TEXT' mode by pressing the push-button one time. If the Surrli is turned clockwise a text appears (e.g. "Welcom to HSR"). 

Highscore Mode

The revolution counter is started by spinning the Surrli in 'HIGHSCORE' mode. In this mode the spin top counts its revolutions and also presents the highest numper of revolutions made so far.

If you want to delete your highscore, you have to remove the battery from the battery holder for at least 10 seconds.

Compass Mode

When the spin top is rotated in 'COMPASS' mode, the four cardinal points will be visible. 

Programmer Mode

If you want to program a new text, switch to the 'PROGRAMMER' mode with the push-button. The programming instructions can be found here.