Programming manual

  • Switch to the 'PROGRAMMER' mode by pressing the push-button on the spin top three times.
  • Hold the HSR logo in the direction of the Surrli Programmer.
  • As soon as the spin top recognizes the beginning of your text, a chase light is displayed on the light-emitting diodes.
  • If the transfer was successful, the spin top will automatically change into the new programmed mode (text, highscore or compass). Now, you can spin your surrli and look at your own programmed text. Have fun!
  • If the transfer was incomplete, the 'PROGRAMMER' mode light-emitting diode will start to blink and the spin top remains in the programming mode. The programming must be repeated. 

  • Possible sources of error:

    • The phototransistor, located inside the HSR Logo, was covered or did not face the direction of the blinking programmer. 
    • The spin top was moved too much during programming. 
    • The phototransistor was held into direct sunlight.